About Pleasant Township of Butler County

Welcome to your Pleasant Township of Butler County Website!

Pleasant Township of Butler County is a smaller branch of county government that manages 70 miles of Pleasant Township gravel and chip sealed roads. The township currently has two full time and three part time employees that work on road building grading, rolling, material spreading, mowing ditches, tree trimming, etc.  Additionally, we have a part time employee that handles the management and care of Dunlap Cemetery.

The Township Trustee, Treasurer and Clerk are all elected positions (4 year term), but can be appointed by county government if a vacancy occurs. All three current Board members are serving in a part time per week capacity.

Here you’ll find meeting records, financial documents, current and future projects, introductions to your board, and road personnel and information about the history, geography, and roads of Pleasant Township.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding your road status, tree issues, clogged culverts, or especially if there are trees down or flooding from storm damage.

All of us are committed to building the best roads possible while responsibly managing your tax dollars.

We encourage all township citizens to be involved and come to the monthly meetings to see all the work and projects we have going on.

Warm Regards!
Jeff Haenggi – Trustee