History of Pleasant Township

Pleasant Township was created in March of 1873 out of range territory that was known as township twenty eight, range three. The first township ‘board’ included A.H. Dunlap, Trustee; J.E. Milton, Treasurer; and E.J. Pyle, Clerk.

Past Township Boards:

2019Jeff HaenggiKatie GossmanMichael E. Seeds
2018Jeff HaenggiKatie GossmanJulie Winslow
2017Jeff HaenggiKatie GossmanJulie Winslow
2016Jeff HaenggiKatie GossmanJulie Winslow
2015Jeff Haenggi / Jack ArmstrongKatie GossmanJulie Winslow
2014Jack ArmstrongKatie Gossman / Sharon GashJulie Winslow
2013Jack ArmstrongSharon Gash / Alphia C. BehlerJulie Winslow / Sondra Taylor
2012Rick ClarkAlphia C. BehlerSondra Taylor / Virgil Tingley
2011Rick ClarkAlphia C. BehlerVirgil Tingley
2010Rick ClarkAlphia C. BehlerMerle Reschke
2009Rick ClarkAlphia C. BehlerMerle Reschke
2008Rick ClarkAlphia C. BehlerMerle Reschke
2007Rick ClarkAlphia C. BehlerMerle Reschke
2006Rick ClarkAlphia C. BehlerMerle Reschke
2005Rick ClarkAlphia C. BehlerMerle Reschke
2004Charles GriffittGail FutheyMerle Reschke
2003Charles GriffittGail FutheyMerle Reschke
2002Charles GriffittGail FutheyMerle Reschke
2001Charles GriffittGail FutheyMerle Reschke
2000John HoustonWalter DowneyMerle Reschke
1999John HoustonWalter DowneyMerle Reschke
1998John HoustonWalter DowneyRoger Hollingshead
1997John HoustonCecil IngoldRoger Hollingshead
1996Roger PowersLinda ParkerRoger Hollingshead
1995Roger PowersLinda ParkerRoger Hollingshead
1994Roger PowersLinda ParkerRoger Hollingshead
1993Roger PowersLinda ParkerRoger Hollingshead
1992Charles GriffittMarjorie MattieMelvin Sullivan
1991Charles GriffittMarjorie MattieMelvin Sullivan
1990Charles GriffittMarjorie MattieMelvin Sullivan
1989Charles GriffittMarjorie MattieMelvin Sullivan
1988Charles GriffittMelvin Sullivan
1987Charles GriffittMelvin Sullivan
1986Charles GriffittMelvin Sullivan
1985Charles GriffittMelvin Sullivan
1984Melvin Sullivan
1983Melvin Sullivan

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