Chip Seal Project

July 22nd, 2019  Update — As the rains have FINALLY let up we are full steam ahead on prepping our chip seal roads.  The two sections initially chosen by the township were 140th St from Butler Rd to Prairie Creek and 170th from Prairie Creek going east for 3/4 mile (not all the way to Meadowlark because of the constant flooding of the eastern end of 170th there.)

We’ve had an opportunity presented to us that the Board felt we couldn’t pass up. We’ve hired Butler County to do the chip seal for us and they approached the township about using township roads for a detour for their 2020 roundabout project. They will be installing a roundabout at 150th and Butler Rd in late spring / early summer of 2020. In exchange for using some of our roads for their detour they will chip seal 140th (that we chose) and Prairie Creek (from 140th to 150th) for FREE and maintain them and the rest of the detour route throughout their project.

The detour route (headed north out of Rose Hill) will be 160th from Butler Rd to Prairie Creek, Prairie Creek for 2 miles heading north to 140th, then 140th from Prairie Creek back west to Butler Road.

Some IMPORTANT information for those of you who live or travel on a road that will be newly chip sealed.  We are shooting for late August of this year to chip seal. We have hired APAC to do the final road prep of adding material, grading, watering, rolling and packing the road to make it ready for chip sealing. We have been installing culverts, cutting back trees, digging out ditches and building up some of the road sections. When chip seal day comes there will be a 16 hour period when the roads will be closed to ALL driving.

I’ll repeat – Butler County will put down a coat of priming oil as the start of the chip seal process. This prime oil CANNOT be driven on for 16 hours!  The road will be CLOSED TO ALL DRIVING FOR 16 HOURS!

We will do our absolute best to give you as much notice of this period as we can!

The process continues with a double coat of chip & seal and it will be able to be driven on almost immediately after installation of the double coat.

Your patience and flexibility will be rewarded by having a very nice road to drive on !

Please remember, the slower, smoother and most gentle you can drive on your road – the longer it will last!

Thank you for your patience and cooperation!

February 20th, 2019  Update — We are 90% plus of the way to making the decision as to which road(s) to chip seal this summer (2019).  Traffic numbers have been studied, roads have been examined for readiness. We’re pushing to make the final decision before the March 2019 meeting.

Thank you for your patience !

June 14th, 2018  Update — With the opportunity that came up to do our neighborhood millings project at a much reduced price point we have put the actual chip sealing on the roads on hold for 2018. We will continue the traffic counting and choose the mile or miles that we’ll prep during this year. We’ll let the mile or miles sit, settle and harden and plan to do the chip seal top coat in summer of 2019.

November 16th, 2017  Update — Our Chip Seal Project continues with preparations being made for 2018;

Road counters are being put out through-out the township while we examine road composition, ditch and tree readiness. We are watching oil and rock prices closely for value and we have gotten quotes from APAC for chip sealing 1 or 2 miles in the summer of 2018. (as always, weather and APAC’s schedule permitting)

July 17th, 2017  — Thank you very much for your patience while the Chip Seal Project went on !

We are committed to the long term condition of your roads. There are a couple of current situations that we have taken advantage of and have chip sealed 3.25 miles of township road in June of 2017.

Oil Prices- When the chip seal contracts were signed in 2016, oil prices were at multi-year lows. This has brought chip seal prices down 30% from even just six to nine months prior. Oil prices are still reasonable and are being analyzed for potential further improvements.

Road Counters-  In order to make an equitable decision on “Which Roads to Chip Seal?” we instituted a road counter project to count the traffic on our township roads. Each mile (of the 70 miles maintained in the twp) got two different places analyzed for three days each.  We had three counters spread throughout the township.

SAFETY NOTE:  PLEASE SLOW DOWN!  We have had a dozen readings of vehicles driving between 70 and 93 MPH on our GRAVEL roads !

( Side Note:  Unfortunately, the Township has no authority to install or change speed limit signs and must petition Butler County to have this done.  Further, the only legal authority for stopping speeders rests with the Butler County Sheriff’s Office.)

Road Composition- Starting with the roads with the highest traffic counts, we studied which roads were closest to being ready to chip seal. This analysis took into account how much road base and sub base had been established, condition of existing ditches, potential culvert or tree issues, and the cost to make each road “chip seal ready”.

Snow / Rain Routes- We continue to work closely with the City of Rose Hill Police & Fire Departments to coordinate our road clearing efforts to maximize safety for all.

Thank you for your patience while we work on this longer term aspect of our ongoing road maintenance.

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