Trustee Notes

July 22nd, 2019 Update – We’re back to a full crew !  Robert McGowan, with his 30 plus years experience with Sedgewick County, was promoted to Overseer back in November. Randy Elliott joins him as our full time Operator. Randy’s experience includes 10 plus years with both Gore and Bell Plain townships. Steve Jones and Doug Jungers round out our team as our part time Operators. Recently added Jeff Johnson, a 19 year veteran with Sedgewick County, (and Steve & Doug) even give us weekend coverage to keep getting work done !

Please respect the positions all our workers are in and the hard work they are doing for you on your roads. Don’t be stopping the road grader or equipment while it is out working, don’t be moving or driving around barricades.

Remember – SLOWER SPEEDS equal  less accidents !

Remember – SLOWER SPEEDS equal  washboards !

Remember – SLOWER SPEEDS equal  less dust !

Remember – SLOWER SPEEDS equal  less expense for replacing road rock ! ( That’s YOUR tax dollars!)

And to those of you who are flipping these guys off – seriously – get a life !

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